Nine by Three - Summer Exhibition
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Nine by Three - Summer Exhibition

Richard Fox

born 1965

Bronze Ravel VI

Richard Fox is a contemporary artist who involves himself with both painting and sculpture. Within his body of work there is a focus on the elemental which spans each medium; his paintings depicting subjects such as planets and water, whilst his sculptural works explore form, space and movement. Fox's sculpture pinpoints a focus on the dialectic between the primacy of the object and the process undertaken to create it. This highlights Barbara Hepworth as one of his influences, as his pieces' appear to marry both process and material in aesthetic harmony.

The significance of this ideology is illustrated by Fox's own description of his artistic process, as he stresses the layered physical process and the point at which he conceives of a form, stating I visualize a space, a void and sketch a shape to fill it. This method results in works which interlink stability and movement. Each sculpture has a material resistance to moisture and temperature changes which speaks of the sculptures permanency, whilst the oscillating, fluid curves of the works are indicative of a transformative.

Fox has exhibited widely in provincial galleries for the last seven years, shown in public sculpture parks and universities in Oxford and completed numerous commissions for corporate and institutional bodies such as John Rowan and Partners, London; Mirabaud Securities, London and the Four Seasons Hotel, Riyadh.

bronze on sandstone base

75 cms high  (29½ inches)

signed and titled

number 7 from an edition of 9

cast in 2016


Gallery Notes:

This bronze is suitable for outdoor installation and can be mounted onto a plinth